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Cora was born and raised in Papua New Guinea, where she thrived on the diverse cultural experiences of island life. Her father was a linguist and her mother a nurse, but she began her professional career in retail management and later transitioned into media sales. She felt frustrated with the binary avenue of media sales and constantly wished to offer different solutions to the clients she engaged. The marketing limitations set by one marketing medium led Cora to take matters into her own hands. After obtaining her Masters degree, she envisioned a business model that would allow her to make a greater impact on new and growing businesses. This one-stop-shop would soon after bloom into her full-service marketing agency Ligon Marketing.

What is your business? We are a full-service marketing agency that offers top-notch marketing, advertising, PR work, business coaching, web design, branding, graphic design, digital, print, and more.

Who are your clients? Our core business has been with small to medium sized businesses looking to grow and challenge the status quo. We’ve had particular success in the health care, non-profit, and golf industries.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? I grew frustrated with selling advertising and media to clients when better options were available. I learned about their businesses but did not have the freedom to help them, so I decided I was better off taking a chance on my own creative abilities to offer services my clients needed.

Why Lakeland? The friendly, welcoming people. Lakeland is open to connecting and collaborating in many ways, and the art + music scene continues to grow. It has a great small-town feel and business community.

What are some goals for your business? We want to continue to learn and refine our skills in order to be the most important business partner our clients have. We seek out conversations and continue to expand our relationships to work with new companies across a spectrum of industries.

How has Catapult helped you? Catapult has given us a great place to work and collaborate with other businesses owners. Knowing that we are all “in it together” makes the journey way less scary.

What is your Secret Sauce? Positive energy, enthusiasm, and a MacGyver-type ingenuity to always get the job done.

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