Lucky Puppy
Lucky Puppy
January 8, 2018


A Launched Company: Lucky Puppy Nail Specialists

Debi has a long history of working with animals. After spending over a decade working in a veterinary clinic and witnessing the painful process of clipping dogs’ nails, she knew there had to be a better way. She developed an entirely pain-free process for canine companions to keep their paws well-maintained. Her proprietary and patented nail shortening system files down dogs’ nails down safely, avoiding painful pinches and bleeding nails. After running operations out of a mobile service unit and the Catapult offices, Debi found a perfect space to establish her retail location. Lucky Puppy Nail Specialists now offers service in their flagship location and via their mobile service unit.

How was the transition from a co-working space to your own space? So easy! It’s like Lucky Puppy was born here. After working at a vet clinic for 12 years and in a Lucky Puppy mobile unit since 2011–it was time! We’ve tripled our sales since the Catapult days and we’re thrilled.

What are some wins for your business since the move? The community is so supportive! We had been setting up in the Lakeland Pet Supermarket and The Doggie Bag for several years and people would wait in line for hours to get their dogs’ nails trimmed. Now they come into an awesome waiting area with three Nail Shortening Suites, two or three technicians working at a time, and the waiting is cut in half!

Have you been able to hire any new employees? We now have three full-time employees working in the shop and two part-time technicians/apprentices that split their time between the mobile unit and the shop. Even with the shop, we plan on keeping our mobile units staffed, it’s a huge benefit to both our employees and our pet owners.

What goals have changed for you from when you first started to now? None, actually! We are doing exactly what we hoped to be doing. Now that the shop has been running smoothly for almost a year, we are focusing more of our attention to establishing ourselves within the veterinary and high-end grooming communities.

Which specific aspect of Catapult can you look back on and identify as the most helpful to your business? The inspiring energy. I met Deb Hurta and Grant Nieddu a couple months after joining and they helped me so much! Deb specifically encouraged me to build a service and training center and we quickly found a retail space that would be a great fit for us! Hurta Solutions continues to run LP operations.

LuckyPuppyNails.com | 863.646.7772

CatapultLakeland.com | 863.940.9660




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