Robert + Lisa Garcia
Robert + Lisa Garcia
September 24, 2018

Kitchen SixtyThree

Kitchen SixtyThree is owned and operated by mother-and-son team, Robert and Lisa Garcia. They have been providing food, pastries, and baked goods to friends and family for years. Robert graduated from Le Cordon Bleu and Lisa has spent a lifetime as an amazing cook. She may never say it, but she can still out-cook her son– even with all of his years of professional experience! Kitchen SixtyThree officially opened in 2017 in Key West, FL. Lisa and Robert were born there and had the natural inclination to make the world’s best Key Lime Tart. They were able to have their tarts (and other goods) sold in restaurants throughout the Keys. In September 2017, they lost everything. Hurricane Irma ripped apart their home and Lakeland was the only option as their new home. Just a year after losing everything, they are excited to bring a touch of Key West to the Lakeland area with their Key Lime Tarts and a few extra goodies along the way!

What is your business? We provide an array of food + pastries. Our flagship item is a Key Lime Tart that is authentic to Key West.

Who are your clients? We have done business with restaurants + hotels, individuals, and corporate clients looking to cater events.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? Key West is known for their Key Lime Pies. Even before we were taking our pies seriously, restaurants wanted to purchase them for resale. We knew at that point that we had a business.

What are your short-term goals? The primary goal is to quit our day jobs to commit 100% of our time to the business. We also plan to work the local farmers’ markets to better understand our current market.

What are some business wins? Within six months in operation, we were working with five restaurants and closing a contract with a local gas station with 12 locations throughout the Keys.

Why Lakeland? We were homeless for 4 months following Hurricane Irma. The only location that allowed us to sign a lease was an apartment complex in Lakeland. We moved to Lakeland with no knowledge of what it had to offer other than a stable residence and it has been nothing but a blessing to us.

How has Catapult helped you? It has been a year-long process to find a home to grow our business, so the Catapult team’s eagerness to work with us has been more than anything we could have imagined.

What is your Secret Sauce? We strive for perfection, so nothing we do is ever good enough for our standard. We have a desire to always improve, which means that each item we produce gets our full attention + focus to ensure the customer’s complete satisfaction.

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