A Micro-Grant Recipient: Journey Box Media

Kevin O’Brien was born into a nomadic military family, but did most of his growing up in Virginia. He always loved movies, but he never thought that filmmaking could be his career. After spending ten years as a Creative Director for a church, Kevin discovered his love for filmmaking. He launched a production company to “create films that move people to live better stories.” As a self-taught writer/director/producer, Kevin quickly became a leading creator of short films for worship communities through his company, Journey Box Media. He thought the only thing holding him back from fulfilling his desire to tell a bigger story (feature film) was a lack of a “feature quality” story. Little did he know the entire process of writing, producing, directing, editing, and releasing a feature film was a life-sized experiment in facing your fear. At the End of the Day is his feature directorial debut.

What is your business? Journey Box creates films that move people to live better stories.

How has receiving a micro-grant from Catapult’s funding program changed your business? The micro-grant gave allowed me to purchase a quality camera package, which provided me the tools to succeed and take my productions to the next level. This ultimately saved me time and money during production as well because I didn’t have to rent equipment.

What are some wins for your business since receiving the grant? In 2017, I filmed my first feature film At the End of the Day. I was able to use the camera rig and kit from the micro-grant which saved us money and provided me with excellent tools to create a quality film.

Why Lakeland? I have found nothing but support from the people around me– especially at Catapult. Because of their support, I was able to find so much help for my very first feature film (locations, food, actors, crew, support staff, etc.) that other filmmakers expressed how jealous they were of Lakeland’s community. It really is a special place.

How has Catapult helped you? Catapult gave me a place to work outside of my home. This gave me a better focus on work and also provided me with an amazing network of other entrepreneurs who all helped each other succeed.

What is your Secret Sauce? I like to make people cry. Not in a cruel way, but I want to make films that move people. I’ve found that most of the positive changes in my life have come at times when I’m emotionally moved, and I do my best to share that with others.


CatapultLakeland.com | 863.940.9660

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