Josh Nederveld
Josh Nederveld
September 21, 2017


Orange Grove Creative

Josh is a Lakeland native who moved back to Polk County after his graduation from the University of Florida in 2011. He was hired immediately after college by CNP Marketing Agency to serve as a website developer and has happily been there ever since. Josh has been an entrepreneur since he was a kid. In his teens, he kept score for the local little league and sold movie posters on eBay, a business he started with his brother. This entrepreneurial instinct followed him after college and when his wife “retired” to take care of their newborn son, Josh decided to ramp up his website development company, Orange Grove Creative.

What is your business? Orange Grove Creative aims to solve problems that most larger companies tend to avoid. Too often, I see small businesses settling for ineffective websites due to cost, so my goal is to provide them with functional, user-friendly websites.

Who are your clients? I prefer to work with small businesses because we usually have a lot in common. To me, it’s all about the relationships I build with my clients without having to sacrifice quality.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? I’ve always been an entrepreneur. Starting at a young age, I always found a creative way to make a few extra bucks.

What are some business wins? Any time I build someone a website that makes them more money than it costs is a win. Another win is building client relationships to a point where it feels more like a partnership than contracted labor.

Why Lakeland? Things are done differently in Polk County. There is a drive toward excellence in small businesses here that is a great inspiration to me.

How has Catapult helped you? I haven’t been at Catapult long, but it’s already helped me by providing a nice, quiet space where I can focus on cranking out work.

Secret Sauce? My baby boy. He is the reason I work so hard and he is both a blessing and a motivation to me. I’m thrilled to be pouring into the community he’s growing up in. We love Polk County and are here for the long haul.


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