Jeremy Thrush
Jeremy Thrush
April 17, 2017

Love Beets

Jeremy moved to Lakeland to help put Love Beets products on the market in the southeast. Over the last two years, Jeremy has taken full advantage of the opportunity to sell varieties of this typically ignored root vegetable that are fun and beneficial for personal health. He enjoys starting a conversation with someone who hates beets, but then after trying a Love Beets product, they say, “These are actually delicious!” Jeremy loves that the antiquated concept of beets being undesirable is disappearing. He thrives o the energy of the culinary culture that is starting to present beets as “hip.” He’s proud to be known as a “beet-head” for Love Beets by the Catapult community.

What is your business? I’m the sole representative in the southeast for Love Beets! We produce and sell a variety of innovative beet products including powders, juices, and packaged + peeled beets.
Who are your clients? We work with large grocery retailers, including Kroger, Costco, Whole Foods Market, Super Target, The Fresh Market and several others.
What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? The health food and clean eating culture is a fun, fast-paced, and quickly growing industry. It has been a great experience to help grow a company that is hugely responsible for the revitalization of a root vegetable that has been basically ignored for a complete generation.
Business win? Love Beets is finally in every Whole Foods in North America, including stores in Hawaii!
Why Lakeland? Lakeland is perfectly centralized for the Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta, and Miami markets. I also love being able to jog around our amazing parks and lakes, discover new bands, and pick up tacos at La Michoacana.
How has Catapult helped you? Being around so many vibrant and enthusiastic folks make me excited to come to work. No one is alone, people are always willing to talk, and it’s a professional and respectful environment. Not to mention, endless free Patriot Coffee!
Secret Sauce? Drinking the Love Beets powder every morning and lots of coffee.

LoveBeets.com | 863.899.8253

CatapultLakeland.com | 863.940.9660


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