Jenario Johnson
Jenario Johnson
December 27, 2017



Jenario has been fascinated by the way things operate, sports, professional wrestling, and anime since he was born. He even developed a habit of running and jumping in place for hours, pretending to be a football star, action hero, or wrestler. In 8th grade, Jenario dropped out of school and was struggling to find motivation. But after an academic hiatus, he finished four school-years in two calendar-years, returning to public high school for his senior year. He then became a member of the Tampa Police Explorer program, where he was immersed in the culture of law enforcement and first introduced to combat training. After graduating from high school, Jenario enrolled at Florida Poly, where he still studies. He has joined the entrepreneurship club, which has motivated him to present his idea for a wearable motion tracking device, StrikeSense.

What is your business? StrikeSense is a wearable device designed to help combat-sport athletes track and analyze relevant data to optimally train and yield results.

Who are your clients? Combat-sport practitioners of any age, rank, or discipline, combat-sport gyms, and dojos.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? As both an engineer and a creative, I feel that entrepreneurship is the best avenue to cast my ideas into reality.

Something interesting about your business? The concept for StrikeSense was inspired by Dragon Ball Z and Iron Man.

What are some business wins? As a pre-launch company, one of the biggest wins was developing a working physical prototype.

What are your short-term goals? For the near future, I’d like to build a team, master the software development of StrikeSense, and find a gym to test out the concept.

How has Catapult helped you? Catapult has placed me in a community that is fully immersed in the entrepreneurial lifestyle. As someone who is striving to make their vision tangible, it has given me great insight and an encouraging environment to work.

Why Lakeland? Lakeland encourages and cultivates entrepreneurs, especially at Catapult, and fosters a rising technology sector, which is exciting for someone in my field.

What is your Secret Sauce? I do my best to keep a growth-focused mindset, always striving to learn more.

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