Jason Lyles
Jason Lyles
April 2, 2018


JDev Web Consulting

Jason was unsure where to turn when he was included in a layoff of about 80% of employees at his former company. His natural instinct led him to search for security in another corporate employer, but he felt like he was fighting for something he never really wanted. Then an old mentor reached out and offered Jason work with clients when capacity had been reached. This push forward was exactly what Jason needed to turn his entrepreneurial endeavor into a full-time gig. Not only was Jason receiving clients, but he was also gaining knowledge + advice from someone who had been active in the same industry for over 30 years. Just over a year later, Jason has launched JDev Web Consulting.

What is your business? JDev Web Consulting focuses on web application development and consulting.

Who are your clients? I work for small businesses that can’t afford a full-time programmer on staff to help develop solutions to collect, transform, store, analyze, and present their data in impactful ways.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? I’ve found that working on things I find interesting is far more engaging than merely working for a paycheck. Doing the same type of work takes on a whole new meaning when you’re the one making everything happen.

Why Lakeland? I appreciate the proximity to the coasts and 2 large metro areas while not being surrounded by the chaos of the major cities, and that Lakeland is far enough south that winters are very mild. I’ve spent enough of my life living in a large city that I can appreciate the slower pace and affordability that a smaller city like Lakeland offers.

What are some goals for your business? Once I finish a few initial projects in April, I plan to build the website and showcase my portfolio. I will then shift emphasis on marketing the business to draw in more clients to fill in time between tasks for my larger clients.

How has Catapult helped you? My kids are homeschooled, so I needed a place to get away for the day and concentrate. Catapult has definitely been my haven.

What is your Secret Sauce? The experience I’ve gained from former employers. I’ve done mundane work, important work, innovative work, thankless work, work that people have gushed over, and work that has fundamentally changed how businesses operate. I’ve come to appreciate working for small businesses because it’s easier to see the impact and gain satisfaction from coming up with solutions that save people time, money, and headaches.


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