Javi Reyes Jr.
Javi Reyes Jr.
November 20, 2017


JR16 Photography

Javi always knew he wanted to run his own company, but struggled to find a passion worth pursuing in business. He happened upon the passion he was searching for in a photography class at Southeastern University. What was supposed to be a filler elective course turned into a career opportunity and at the start of 2017, Javi launched JR16 Photography. Javi’s primary focus is delivering timeless images and videos with a priority on exceptional quality. Javi believes the bedrock of great photography relies on building meaningful relationships with his clients to give them an experience unlike any other.

What is your business? JR16 Photography offers photography and videography for a wide range of events, celebrations, or milestones where Javi takes every opportunity to capture a fleeting moment.

Who are your clients? I work with individuals that care about quality photography, whether that is a family, business, or individual. I primarily focus on weddings, engagement shoots, and portraits, but am actively seeking to expand my portfolio as business progresses.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? My grandmother has served as a huge inspiration for me. She owned multiple businesses in Honduras and was very successful.

What are some business goals? One massive goal I’ve envisioned for the future is to reach a level of stability financially where I can provide family pictures and prints for those who may otherwise not have the resources to hire a professional photographer or videographer.

Something interesting about your business? I am currently serving the Central Florida area, but have plans to expand my business on both a national and international level.

How has Catapult helped you? Catapult has provided me with the space and amenities to help my business grow.

Secret Sauce? Trusting in God and understanding my “why.”


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