Jason Demeo
Jason Demeo
May 8, 2016



Jason was born with a love for design and entrepreneurship. Three years ago, Jason and his wife Hillary launched an online Etsy shop focused on selling the most unique items they could find; they called them “curios.” Through running the online shop, renovating their 1929 home, and intently studying the design thinking process, they were given the confidence to launch their current venture. WE ARE CURIO designs innovative solutions to help companies solve complex problems through consulting, content, and product development.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? I love the idea of being an independent voice & crafting my own future. It can be risky and uncertain at times, but I am driven by the potential of doing something unique and impactful in the world.

Goals: Find the right people and organizations that we can forge long-term partnerships with to help them stay innovative, launch cohorts this fall, build online education platforms, and produce inspirational content to encourage creators, collaborators, and contrarians

Three Wishes: An empowering community, time, and a project manager

Who are your clients? We work on challenging problems with a diverse set of people. Currently we have clients in business, government, education and nonprofit sectors. We come alongside them to help uncover and design solutions to their biggest challenges.

Hardest thing about starting your business? I think because we have a broad set of services and products, finding a revenue model that is scalable has challenged us to keep retooling and rethinking our offering. Being patient to allow the business to develop in a healthy way without running ahead of our capacity is a delicate balance.

Why Lakeland? Why not Lakeland?! The community has been such a great launching pad for our family. The people and leadership are genuinely supportive, we have an exciting energy in our community, and we have Cafe Roti & Mega Mercado. That’s really all you need!

Favorite things to do in Lakeland? Tennis at Edgewood, biking with my wife and daughter around our neighborhood, swimming in my pool

How has Catapult helped you? Catapult has been an incredible resource for me. I can’t say enough about the organization and their dedication to helping entrepreneurs flourish. The Catapult community is inspiring and fun to launch with. I love the current space, but cannot wait to work from the new building!

Secret Sauce? Creativity is for everyone. Dig Deep. Get in the lab. Collaborate. Get honest. Ask “what if.” Play purposefully. Leave it better.

WeAreCurio.com| Jason@WeAreCurio.com
CatapultLakeland.com | 863.940.9660

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  1. Rick

    An awesome organization, with amazing people, and real solutions!!! Go WeAreCurio!!!


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