Inspiring Fitness

Atenea grew up in Mexico City and experienced a massive culture shift when she moved to Canada for college. Although the transition of uprooting her life was a struggle, it was during this time that she developed the grit and willpower to soldier on through this new time. All over campus there were flyers for a local fitness bikini competition and Atenea decided to devote her time and effort to the contest. She trained tirelessly for four months and deservedly won 2nd place in her very first competition. From that point forward, she was hooked– competing in contests regularly. After college, she worked at Redbull for two years, but ran a fitness coaching business on the side. As the business grew, she left her full-time job to pursue her business, Inspiring Fitness!

What is your business? We are an online fitness coaching enterprise whose mission is to help women reach the best shape of their lives! We employ proven methodologies to help them accomplish their goals.

Who are your clients? All women. We boast an immensely diverse client list, from the hardcore Olympic athletes and fitness models to stay-at-home moms and college students. Anybody that wants to improve their body, mindset, and/or habits are welcome!

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? After college, I worked for Redbull for two years. I loved the company and the brand but there was something telling me to branch out and challenge myself to be my own boss. I decided that I didn’t want corporate structure to be the limiting factor of my personal and professional development, so I stepped out in faith; it was the best decision I ever could have made.

What are some business wins? There have been so many factors that contributed to my business growth that I’d consider wins. For example, I went from working on my own to running a small company with 10+ employees. We are even implementing tools such as a mobile application to better deliver our client services. We are still improving every day, learning from our mistakes and by no means have we reached the “finished product.”

What are some goals for your business? This year we will begin assisting aspiring female fitness enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who want to create their own online businesses by using our knowledge, experience, and MISTAKES; we want to give them a proven start-up process that I wish I had when I first began!

How has Catapult helped you? For someone that is a solopreneur and new in town, this is the perfect place to network, see new faces, and connect with people.

What is your Secret Sauce? I absolutely believe in what I do, I’m an eternal optimizer (constantly looking for better, more efficient ways to do things) and I always listen to my clients (especially the unhappy ones). | 863.940.9660

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