Benjamin Vickers
Benjamin Vickers
November 19, 2018

Honeycomb Bread Bakers

Benjamin is a Lakeland native, raised with a deep appreciation of all things sweet + yummy. He studied Literature in Tallahassee, then moved to New York for formal culinary training at the Culinary Institute of America. Benjamin worked as a baker + pastry chef for prestigious bakeries, caterers, and resorts, earning an education in fine-dining sensibilities and uniquely American styles of baking. He returned to his hometown in 2017 to become the pastry chef of Nineteen61 before going on to found Honeycomb the following year. Honeycomb exists to fill the bellies of its guests + neighbors with wholesome, flavorful breads, and to fill their hearts with a deep sense of community.

What is your business? Honeycomb is an artisan bread bakery specializing in naturally-leavened, rustic hearth loaves such as sourdough, demi-baguettes, and braided challah made with local honey.

Who are your clients? We provide healthful, flavorful artisan bread to Lakeland through the Farmer’s Market and our family of wholesale clients. Many of your favorite local purveyors already serve Honeycomb bread!

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? People possessed of an entrepreneurial spirit have the potential to be powerful change-makers for their community. People need food that is both wholesome and delicious, and the fact that I have the power to fill that need while doing something I love makes harnessing my entrepreneurial spirit a deeply rewarding adventure.

What are your short-term goals? We are looking to expand our brand’s presence in the hearts and minds of Lakelanders. Growth is really the name of the game for us right now.

What are some business wins? Our biggest win was becoming a fully independently owned + operated bakery in October! It’s exciting and scary to be self-employed, but having the agency to make important decisions and foster relationships with our guests has been invaluable.

How has Catapult helped you? The best pianist in the world produces no music if the concert hall doesn’t have a piano! Similarly, baking cannot occur without a hearth. I can’t overstate how critical it was that Catapult’s space and patience has allowed us to assemble the resources we need to find our footing. We are off to such a wonderful start, and the positivity + support from the Catapult community contributes to our bright future.

What is your Secret Sauce?  Every decision made at Honeycomb is filtered through four core principles: generosity, humility, grace, and candor. As a company, there is a certain fidelity we must keep with the public. Those principles are a blueprint we use to build the foundations of the business without budging on our ethics. | 863.430.4929



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