Glenda Thurmond
Glenda Thurmond
December 26, 2016

Glenda Thurmond

Glenda started her acting/directing career in New York and California where she studied with several renowned instructors. Now in Lakeland, Glenda uses her expertise and passion for theatre and performing arts to connect with at-risk youth. She’s learned that theatre has an enormous capacity to heal; it has given her students a platform to build trust in themselves, supportive peers, and positive adults. In turn, Glenda’s students have fostered her own humility, compassion, and desire to serve.


What is your business? I train actors to: learn the fundamentals of acting, listen and respond truthfully in a free, full, and emotional way, and bring their instrument to the service of the character and interpretation of the script.

Who are your clients? Students of all ages! I also teach business groups the art of improvisation to assist them in team building, active listening, out of the box thinking, conflict resolution, effective communication, and presentation skills.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? My rebellious spirit fuels me–the need to be myself, to follow my passion, and to change the world the best way I know how.

Something interesting? I believe that theatre is the study of humanity.

Business wins? The transformation and healing I see in my students.

Why Lakeland? I love that I can be in the middle of everything, but can retreat from it all. We have the best of both worlds: excitement and rest.

Favorite things to do in Lakeland? Seeing our amazing and talented performers, going to the Downtown Farmers Market, and eating at the Food Truck Rally.

What would you like to see in Lakeland? A cross cultural theatre group. (Don’t worry, I’m working on it!)

How has Catapult helped you? My car would be my office if it weren’t for Catapult. The 24/7 space is crucial to me.

Secret Sauce? Connection. Many of my prevention and diversion students feel misunderstood; I allow them to express themselves freely.

GlendaThurmondActingCoach.com | 863.225.1484
CatapultLakeland.com | 863.940.9660

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  1. Alison Foley Rothrock

    This is really beautiful. Thank you for doing what you do. I’d love to talk to you about possibly performing at our Red Tent Collaborative.


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