Brittany Ellis Cole
Brittany Ellis Cole
January 28, 2019

Eventrics Weddings

Brittany began planning events about 10 years ago. While in college, she worked for luxury bridal boutiques, resorts, florists, and designers to gain relevant industry experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to one day run her own firm. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in event management, she assisted large corporations hosting medical symposiums, parties, and other various events by planning and providing on-site management. Eight years ago she transitioned to South Asian weddings because of her time dealing with much larger guest counts and depth production planning in corporate events. Her experience in a variety of event-driven industries has prepared her for offering the best possible services to her clients in both event planning and event production.

What is your business? We are a wedding planning and management company specializing in South Asian (Indian) Weddings.

Who are your clients? Most of our clients are Hindu, but we work with Sikh, Muslim and many others from the different states of India. We also frequently work with fusion (cross-cultural) couples and are open to all cultures– but we specialize in Hindu and fusion weddings.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? It’s in my blood. I love being engaged in different projects at once, approaching each project fully invested in its success, and seeing them all come together.

What are your short-term goals? We really want to push for more destination weddings outside the state of Florida.

What are some business wins? We have been awarded “Best of Weddings” and “Hall of Fame” recognition from The Knot eight years in a row and Luxury Travel Guide’s “Wedding Planner of the Year.” We have also been published in a variety of magazines– most recently South Asian Bridal where four of our weddings were published.

How has Catapult helped you? The soundproof phone booth is amazing. Life-changing.

Why Lakeland? I travel quite a bit throughout the year and Lakeland was the perfect location at the center of the state. It’s easy to get to the west coast, Miami or Orlando, Atlanta, etc.

What is your Secret Sauce? I care about my clients’ events as if they are my own. When I am fully invested in a project, I truly care about the experience of the couple and their guests. I want every person involved to be blown away by the amazing weekend of celebration! Our company motto is you’re only as good as your last event.

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