Essential Catering Solutions

Growing up, Dorcas was immersed in her church community. Her father was a minister and serving others was a quality instilled in her from a very young age. After graduating from Florida Southern College and returning for two additional masters degrees, Dorcas wanted to put both her newfound knowledge and her passion for service to work. Though she has a diverse professional history, the one thing that remained constant throughout the years was her passion for a good meal. It seemed obvious that all of the roads she had been down would eventually lead to her very own catering company. She felt strongly about providing quality and affordability in life’s most fundamental need. Essential Catering Solutions aims to minister to others via the platform of catering.

What is your business? Bereavement and provisional kindness catering.

Who are your clients? We have narrowed our primary focus to funeral homes, places of worship, and corporations.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? My parents and my church (which are one and the same), and my desire to have control over the way in which I contribute to society, provide for my family, and give to others.

What are some business wins? Acquiring three funeral home and three large corporation contracts within our first year.

What are your short-term goals? To connect my clients with other local service providers to integrate more services into their offerings– generating more revenue for both my clients and for me.

Why Lakeland? I’m a Lakeland native, I’ve grown into myself and believe I found my place in this community & I believe this city and this community have greatly progressed into providing a space for me to pull up a seat at the business table.

What is your Secret Sauce? Utilizing my double-edged sword: leveraging unmatched customer service with delicious food.



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