Dson Photography

Alexander’s journey as a photographer began in high school photography class, developing film and creating stylized portraits of his sister. He then went on to study “the greats” of documentary photography– and the rest is history. Alexander was, from that point on, enamored with the art of photography and became infatuated with capturing weddings. The focus on these small, fleeting, often-forgotten moments in weddings drew him to the industry in the first place. The weight of these moments hold the power to bring a person right back to their day, and Alexander passionately believes that they deserve to be preserved.

What is your business? Dson Photography is a fiancé-fiancé duo focusing on weddings and couples sessions.

Who are your clients? I work with an array of people that are getting married, starting families, or simply want their story told.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? I was initially inspired to become an entrepreneur because I saw a need in the industry for kind and authentic individuals in leadership.

What are some business wins? A recent win of mine was shooting a wedding in Nashville, Tennessee– a much-desired market of mine!

What are your short-term goals? I am focusing my immediate efforts on increasing the number of weddings I shoot per year.

How has Catapult helped you? Catapult has given me a space to look at my “side hustle” as a real job. The space gave the feeling that what I was doing actually mattered and was serving people!

Why Lakeland? Lakeland is my hometown and it has come so far as a community. There is huge opportunity for Lakeland to become a very unique place to live for small businesses and entrepreneurs!

Secret Sauce? My secret sauce is keeping my head down and doing things the way I believe to be right, rather than following every trend that the road to success seems to hold. What I deliver matters more than nickels and dimes.



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