Desiree Harris-Bonner
Desiree Harris-Bonner
April 28, 2019

DHBonner Virtual Solutions LLC

A GI Brat, Desireé grew up living all over the world—Germany, Philippines, Okinawa—so she is not timid about new places, new faces, or new things. This has gone a long way in helping her to work with Emerging Authors both nationally and internationally. Desireé is the Managing Partner of her global firm, DHBonner Virtual Solutions, LLC, which she founded in 2012 after a huge company layoff. Following a 30-year career working for Fortune 20 Corporations, she has now become a trusted and valued resource for her clients by supporting them in birthing forth their book babies!

What is your business? It is my passion to operate as a Spiritual Midwife for emerging authors by providing the ghostwriting, editing, and book-creation & design services needed to get your words and story from heart to paper to published.

Who are your clients? I have the daily joy of working with emerging authors, solo-preneurs, and boutique indie-publishing firms.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? After the Reduction in Force (RIF), I realized I needed to eat, so I decided to use what I had: my ability to design, organize information, and write well.

What are some business wins? The fact that I am still in business—and growing—five years later is by far my greatest win. It is due, in large part, to the communities and networks I am connected to.

What are your short-term goals? Although I have ghostwritten over 50 books and supported even more authors than double that number, it is my primary goal to introduce the concept of self-publishing to a new generation of Emerging Authors and to help them get their authentic voice out there.

Why Lakeland? Although Lakeland is not a “young” city, it still has much room for growth and expansion; therefore, there is space for new ideas.

How has Catapult helped you? What gets me excited about Catapult, is the potential for synergy—the integration of fresh thought and renewed momentum—that can only birth forth something great!

Secret Sauce? Our process for birthing your book baby is driven by a collaborative partnership that includes your vision, our expertise, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.




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