Dena Goldfine
Dena Goldfine
May 23, 2016

Higher Heights Group

Dena has spent the last 25 years working in the food, supplement, and body care industry. She started in health food stores and worked her way up to a Natural Foods Brokerage in New York City. She gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from her team in New York, but at some point she hit a wall. She wasn’t growing any longer; so she decided to make a change. In 2015, Dena launched her own Boutique Brokerage in the Natural Foods & Body Care Industry helping clients bring their natural products to grocery store shelves.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? The desire to be flexible in my life without compromising my health and personal values. I wanted to learn more about the industry and blossom organically.

Who are your clients? Certified Organic and non-GMO food supplements and skin care products.

Goals: Our short term goal is to bring our clients’ mission and products to the shelf. We have partnered with a few emerging brands, which is really difficult in this competitive market. I have to remember that all brands were once start-ups!

Hardest thing about starting your business? I couldn’t figure out how to get started. I found Catapult and took a business course designed for entrepreneurs called CO.STARTERS. It helped me turn my idea into action.

Three wishes: Financial support, an opportunity to work with Publix, and an assistant!

Why Lakeland? Lakeland is accessible to several major cities. I love that I can get away from the hustle & bustle when I am not traveling.

What is Lakeland missing? Places to eat for people with allergens and “clean” food choices.

Favorite things to do in Lakeland? I love walking around the lakes, biking at Circle B, and practicing yoga at Satya Life Yoga downtown.

How has Catapult helped you? Catapult has helped me in many ways. It is a great environment to meet exciting entrepreneurs that I wouldn’t have met otherwise… and the continuing education is priceless!

Secret Sauce? I surround myself with others who motivate me and encourage me to be a better person. I don’t listen to naysayers. | 470-3HIGHER | 863.940.9660


  1. Sistah Fikerte

    Congratulation my sister on your new venture. I pray that God will bless you to accomplish your wishes.

  2. Pamela Morris

    Congratulations Dena!

  3. Richie Morris

    So proud of Dena! I have known her most of her life and her success is not at all surprising; neither is her passion for healthy eating! Thanks, Auntie Richie

  4. Terri

    Dena, Blessing in all that your doing. Continue the good work.

  5. Leshaun

    Blessings Dena! I’m glad to call you friend, Dreams really do come true!

  6. Ashlee

    Very nice Dena!This is so inspiring…such a beautiful heart. All the best to you love.

  7. Medina Bland

    So happy for you! We definitely need to chat.

  8. Ashley

    This is awesome and inspiring.
    I am delighted we are sharpening each other now.


    See you soon.


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