Sparrow’s Sparkling Sodas

For Corey, Sparrow’s Sparkling Sodas means more than just the business. Sparrow is the name of his daughter, who inspired the business through her relentless curiosity and his desire to “mix things together in a bubbly fashion.” The name Sparrow came about because his daughter is “a small one, but a strong one,” which is exactly the mantra he aims to follow through his locally-based craft soda company. His business may be small, but he delivers quality through honesty and strength of character. Since the inception of Sparrow’s Sparkling Sodas, Corey has believed that he can accomplish something greater than profit. He wants his sodas to be nostalgic and inspire curiosity, eagerness to learn, and growth.

What is your business? We serve small batches of handcrafted, craft sodas for anyone and everyone.

Who are your clients? Anyone! Those who are looking for something better to drink than the traditional soda. We find that our clients range from millennial parents who want to know exactly what they are giving to their kids, to older couples who enjoy the nostalgia, having grown up with soda fountains and soda jerks (the baristas of the soda world).

What are some business wins? It may not seem like much, but getting a logo created that I believe fits the company was a huge win. I believe a really good logo is one that has meaning behind it, sometimes hidden within the logo itself. If you look you’ll notice that the logo, which is a sparrow, has soda bubbling inside of it and its throat is a straw.

What are your short-term goals? I’d love to form partnerships with local bars and restaurants to carry the product.

Why Lakeland? I believe we have a very strong sense of community here and everyone supports one another.

How has Catapult helped you? Networking. Finding other like-minded individuals who keep on keeping on.

What is your Secret Sauce? My little girl, Sparrow. She’s like pure magic.| 863.808.2807 | 863.940.9660


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