Chelsea Brown
Chelsea Brown
March 13, 2017

Chelsea Brown

Chelsea has always enjoyed baking, but never saw it as more than a side hustle. She moved to Florida in August 2016 with hopes to begin what she thought was her dream job, but after arriving in Lakeland, she was told that the job was no longer available. After this career curve ball, she decided to try something new and pursue her passion for baking! Being someone who is sensitive to many foods, but who also has a sweet tooth, Chelsea wanted to make a snack that tasted great and was good for you. She decided to take some of her favorite candy and dessert flavors and turn them into a protein-packed snack that helps fuels the body.

What is your business? Organic and gluten free granola.

Who are your clients? People who care about what they eat and want a healthy, protein-packed way to satisfy their sweet tooth.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? I have been told for years that I should pursue my passion for baking, but it seemed terrifying. When the career path I was on fell through, I knew it was time to push through my fear and go all in with this business.

Business win? Gran-O-La-La can now be found in two local stores, Magnolia Popcorn and The Juice Box.

Short term goals? I am working to create a website to spread the word about my product. Right now, you can find Gran-O-La-La on Facebook.

Why Lakeland? It was actually the people here who gave me the courage to create Gran-O-La-La! Lakeland is a place where people care and support each other.

Favorite things to do in Lakeland? Walking around the lakes with my dog, attending the Downtown Farmers Market, and meeting new people by exploring different areas and shops.

How has Catapult helped you? Before I could even ask, members were offering help. I’m thrilled to be a part of such a caring community and I’m learning everything I need to know about owning a business.

Secret Sauce? I believe in creating a positive customer experience with a smile, a listening ear, and a warm welcome. This brings me more joy than anything I sell.

BrownChel88@Gmail.com  |  304.382.7444

CatapultLakeland.com  |  863.940.9660


  1. Jennifer Costa

    Love GRAN-O-LA-LA and Chelsea is super sweet!

  2. Rick Brown

    This young lady seems to be such a bright cookie. She must have a smart uncle or something.

  3. J. Walter Brown, MD

    Yeah! Gran-O-La-La! Some of the best Granola I ever had and health conscious too! Love the creative flavor choices! Happy to recommend it to my patients and friends!

  4. Tammy Grobe

    This is Awesome.. maybe we will get to enjoy some of the Gran o la la in Canada someday!!


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