Charlie McNulty
Charlie McNulty
October 16, 2017


Footsteps Missions

After graduating from college with a degree in Christian Education, Charlie found himself wanting to take ministry outside the walls of a church. Following a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Charlie immediately began working with Footsteps Missions. He was drawn to the vision they had to help individuals, both near and far. Footsteps equips short-term missionaries with the necessary knowledge and tools and connects them with meaningful opportunities to serve others. Charlie and his wife felt led by God to move to Lakeland and they couldn’t be happier with their new home.

What is your business? We are a missions organization that provides opportunities to serve all around the globe. We feel compelled to answer Christ’s call to holistically serve the forgotten, orphaned, and unjustly-treated people of the world by meeting their real needs in the hopes of fostering people of character.

Who are your clients? We work mostly with churches and universities, connecting individuals within the organizations with opportunities to serve.

Why Lakeland? My wife and I quit our jobs earlier this year because we felt like it was time for us to leave where we were and enter into what God had next for us. We came to Lakeland and found jobs for both of us, and love what this city has to offer. The community here is unlike anywhere I have lived before. We have only been in Lakeland for about three or four months and have loved every second.

What are some business wins? We serve nearly 50 children at our orphanage in Honduras, The Garden of Love & Hope, and our emergency medical fund of $10,000 for the establishment has been fully funded!

What are some business goals? To fully fund projects that will increase the impact we have on the people we serve. In the end, that’s all we want– to develop the ways that we can help other people.

How has Catapult helped you? Catapult has given me a place to be successful in what I am doing for the organization. It’s where I meet new people and see more of what is great about Lakeland.

Secret Sauce? I’ve learned that surrendering myself to God’s plan for me leads me to success in my life.


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