Micheal Morgan
Micheal Morgan
February 11, 2019


Early in life, Micheal was fortunate to fall in love with the magic of technology. His youth was spent devouring Linux, hacking drivers, and staying awake until the morning light discovering how little he actually knew. When high school came around, he was accepted into a brand new technology magnet program named Crooms Academy that would set the course for his future. With a gritty, self-taught entrepreneurial drive, he climbed the ranks quickly in his professional career to become one of the youngest executive officers of a publicly-traded company at the ripe age of 22. Micheal’s technology has been used at scale by Fortune 500 companies such as Ford and Clear Channel. Fast forward some years, and today, he stands as partner and CTO at Caxiam: a mission-critical software development company serving data-sensitive industries. While he cannot disclose his clients due to strict confidentiality, there is a chance you could come in contact with something Micheal created and not even know it.

What is your business? I am a partner at Caxiam, a 17-year-old software engineering company specializing in mission-critical, data-sensitive solutions.

Who are your clients? The bulk of our clients are mature businesses in the $10MM to $100MM+ range looking to build/rebuild a critical part of their software. Since joining as a partner in 2014, our focus has been primarily in the financial and healthcare industries.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? To be completely honest, nothing. I sort of “fell” into it by way of an internal desire to fill voids. Entrepreneurship is a difficult, often zero-sum conquest that requires patience, discipline, and thick skin.

What are your short-term goals? I strive to see my employees grow, in terms of both their craft and compensation.

What are some business wins? My business wins are generally tightly coupled with my clients. One such example is watching a company operate a platform we built with 100% uptime for over a year while they surpassed $100 million in sales.

How has Catapult helped you? Just a few weeks in, Catapult has already helped me and my wife network with the small business and greater Lakeland community. Catapult truly is a community catalyst.

Why Lakeland? My wife and I have only been in Lakeland full-time for a few weeks, but bottom line, we moved to Lakeland because it is beautiful, vibrant, and up-and-coming. What we did not expect was indeed how kind everyone is. We can live anywhere in the world, but Lakeland feels like home.

What is your Secret Sauce? Less intelligence than you might think and more discipline and drive.

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