Catalyst John
Catalyst John
October 2, 2017



Catalyst John, Inc.

John has always had a heart to serve others and provide quality customer service, which he learned from his father, co-founder of Subs n’ Such. John began his professional career at a desk job for a Fortune 500 company, but felt called to serve the community, so he joined the Police Academy to serve as a volunteer cop. This led him to join law enforcement full-time and after a decade in the force, he began pursuing his biggest dream of running his own business. While researching entrepreneurship to help friends grow their businesses, he found that the structure of the police academy could be beneficial to small companies. This proved true and he became a certified coach in his first year of business. He has been consulting individuals and companies all over the globe ever since.

What is your business? A “catalyst” is an agent that provokes significant change or action. I work with entrepreneurs to provoke and accelerate their business growth.

Who are your clients? I specialize in working with clients that have plateaued. I teach them the strategies needed to get them unstuck and back to growing their business.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? I was born into an entrepreneurial family. My dad opened his first restaurant before I was born and even had to stop by to check in on it when they first brought me home from the hospital. When I was a teenager, I started a business selling “Mad Hatter” hats and the comedian Carrot Top wore one on tour.

What are some business wins? I have had the privilege of working with clients from Hawaii all the way to the United Kingdom.

Hardest thing about starting your business? Ignoring the static and being authentic. There is a lot of advice out there and not all of it is good advice. Life is so much easier when you work hard and focus on simply serving your clients.

How has Catapult helped you? When I need a place to work, I have a place to work. When I need a place to meet with clients, I can reserve a conference room. I met one of the best clients I’ve had the privilege to work with in a Catapult conference room. It’s been an invaluable tool in the execution of my business.

Secret Sauce? A colleague once told me that I inspire massive and immediate action. Working with entrepreneurs is where I work best.


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