Anthony + Jennifer Cala
Anthony + Jennifer Cala
May 19, 2019

Cala Travel

Anthony and Jennifer started Cala Travel simply because they love to travel and wanted to start their own business. Anthony served in the Army for 16 years and was deployed three times to Iraq while Jennifer managed properties and the household. After serving many years in the military, Anthony found himself struggling to find a job that he loved until he found a great career in the tech industry. When he found financial stability, he wanted to invest in starting a travel company to help others see the world as he was privileged to do while serving in the Army. Jennifer had begun her career in property management, but it proved to be a challenging career path, consuming much of her time and leaving little for family. That’s when Anthony proposed she help him run their travel agency. What started as a hobby of theirs quickly turned into a profitable venture. They are now able to both work and travel as a family to make up for time lost while Anthony served in the military.

What is your business? We are a travel agency that specializes in planning your next cruise vacation, group vacation, and international guided tours.

Who are your clients? Everyone and anyone who needs help planning their next vacation. We take the leg work out of travel planning so you can focus on making magical memories.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? Deployments to Iraq really opened my eyes to places I thought I would never see. Although it wasn’t how anyone would have planned, it’s an experience I will never forget and I feel fortunate to have seen.

What are some business wins? Our biggest win is when a client returns from a cruise excited and ready to book their next vacation.

What are your short-term goals? We want to overhaul our website and fully flesh-out a plan for our social media campaign.

Why Lakeland? It’s surreal– when I returned from active duty in 2011, we struggled to stay afloat. I lost my job working for the Wounded Warrior Project and needed a plan to preserve our living situation. I applied for a mortgage-free home to see if we even qualified. Unexpectedly, Building Homes for Heroes called two years later to notify us that we had been selected for a home in Lakeland!

How has Catapult helped you? It has surrounded us with like-minded individuals. They say when you surround yourself with positive people, it starts to grow on you.

Secret Sauce? Passion and love for self- service of others!




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