Brannen Padgett
Brannen Padgett
September 6, 2016

Redemption Church

Brannen grew up in Lakeland and met Heather, his beautiful wife, here. He and Heather have 3 kids–Brayden, Leeland, and Berkleigh. Brannen loves eating tacos for every meal, college football, having date nights with his wife, and coaching his kids’ soccer teams. After living here for 20 years, he noticed the need for a church in his hometown and started Redemption Church in January 2016.

What is your business? Redemption Church–one of the newest churches in Lakeland

Who are your clients? Redemption tends to attract young families, married couples, college students, people who don’t take themselves too seriously, and those exploring faith and Jesus.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? Dreaming of what could be. I’ve never felt comfortable in environments where new ways of doing things weren’t pursued.

Short term goals? We want to take steps towards racial reconciliation and help cultivate healthy families in Lakeland.

Hardest thing about starting your business? Finding a space to serve 80+ kids and almost 300 adults. We are thankful for The Lakeland Center where we’ve found the space to accommodate our people!

Business wins? Many people at Redemption didn’t grow up being a part of the church. Providing a place where people from all walks of life and all along the spiritual spectrum sense a great deal of authenticity and non-judgemental attitudes is a big win for our community.

Favorite things to do in Lakeland? Exploring the local eateries, walking Lake Hollingsworth, and taking the family to First Friday

What would you like to see in Lakeland? More breakfast tacos!

Why Lakeland? This city is special! Around 80% of Lakeland residents have no connection to a local church, so we wanted to create a place for people who aren’t connected to a church to feel welcomed, loved, and safe to explore faith and Jesus.

How has Catapult helped you? It’s enabled us to have a launching pad. Catapult removes the significant barriers that start-ups face and cultivates an environment of creativity, new ideas, and encouragement.

Secret Sauce? Jesus’ love is always the secret sauce to life. You can be smart, strategic, and well-known, but miss everything without love.| 863.225.2868 | 863.940.9660


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