Brad Klapprott
Brad Klapprott
April 24, 2017

ISO Par Consulting

Brad traveled the world for fourteen years playing golf professionally, but after becoming a husband and father of three, he decided traveling was keeping him away from home more than he’d like. After visiting his brother in Lakeland in 2006, Brad and his family fell in love with the city and decided to move here. Four years later, he partnered with a family friend who is a pioneer in ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and started ISO Par Consulting. Together they work to improve businesses’ standard for quality and continual growth. Brad loves what he does and has fun seeing companies improve, get stronger, and become more efficient.

What is your business? ISO Par Consulting helps businesses develop and document processes + procedures to provide structure for continual growth and improvement. Our clients can also become ISO certified through our company.
Who are your clients? Any company who provides a service or product can bene t from having ISO. We work with many different industries, such as agriculture, administrative services, and manufacturing businesses.
Business win? This year, I started working with a commercial public bus transport company in Paraguay. We’re doing the whole project in Spanish!
Short-term goals? To continue serving my clients to the best of my ability and help U.S. companies develop Social Responsibility Systems that will bene t them, their employees, and customers.
Why Lakeland? My wife and I are in love with this place. We love to attend activities downtown, watch our kids compete in sports, and spend time with the great group of friends we’ve gained here.
What would you like to see in Lakeland? I’d like to see the downtown area continue to develop new ideas and events, like Catapult 2.0 which will allow local artisans to ramp up their businesses and eventually fill some of the empty downtown space.
How has Catapult helped you? I can work close to downtown between client visits or bring my clients to Catapult for meetings. Catapult has helped my small business thrive in ways that are normally only available for upper level businesses.

ISOParConsulting.com | 561.267.4805

CatapultLakeland.com | 863.940.9660


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