Lisa Kirk
Lisa Kirk
June 16, 2019

Blended Family Foundation


On May 2, 2016, just past 6:00am, tragedy struck the Kirk family with the loss of their newly turned 17-year-old son, Kalen. Shock, grief, and dismay rocked their world immediately. Three months later, they decided to grieve and serve by donating socks and shoes to kids in crisis. Soon following the implementation of their mission, Lisa and her husband, Tony, received their 501c3 designation for Kalen Kares, their non-profit organization in memoriam of their late son. Three years have passed and they have continued to serve kids in crisis–even adding emergency closets and tutoring services for students who are grade-level in reading. Their non-profit, the Blended Family Foundation, now serves in all of these capacities.

What is your business? We are an open resource that is providing help and hope to kids in crisis.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? In order to serve, we need the freedom to give when we see the need– not on someone else’s clock.

What are some business wins? We have provided over 2100 pairs of shoes and over 5000 pairs of socks to kids in crisis in the past three years.

What are your short-term goals? Our focus is on our annual fundraiser: the Sneakers Ball! Sunday, August 4th at Florida Southern, guys and gals will get together with their Met Gal-ish attire and swanky sneakers to raise funds for kids in crisis. We are also in the process of finding and hiring 15 part-time tutors who are senior citizens.

Why Lakeland? It is the perfect location between Orlando and Tampa. This city is large enough to love it and small enough to enjoy it.

How has Catapult helped you? Giving me a place to work where I can focus, network, and see the other cool things that are happening for entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations in Lakeland.

Secret Sauce? My “sunshine” background in PR & Marketing




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