Jess Banks
Jess Banks
July 7, 2019


Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Jess moved to Lakeland to study music education at Southeastern University. Upon graduation in 2016, she accepted a job at a local elementary school where she tends to run into interesting situations– one of which gave her the idea for Bizzle. While teaching a lesson to a 5th grade class, one of her students approached Jess and asked for a feminine product following a trip to the bathroom. Fortunately, she knew to ask for a feminine product, but she didn’t know what to do with it. Upon further research, Jess discovered that 60% of girls are scared, 58% are embarrassed, and 44% have no idea what is happening the first time they get their period. In an age where women are becoming more aware of their bodies and confident in who they are, she was amazed that this was still such a problem, so she set out to solve it.

What is your business? We curate boxes with feminine products and guidebooks to help girls prepare for their first menstrual cycle. We are working to change the narrative from scared, embarrassed, and uneducated to encouraged, celebrated, and prepared.

Who are your clients? We serve both the parents and girls. Though the boxes are for the girls, the parents will need a guide to discuss the uncomfortable topic of their daughter’s menstrual cycle. Bizzle is the bridge to an easier, open conversation.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? My boyfriend, Nate Kendrick, inspired me to become an entrepreneur. I had this idea, but he really helped to spur me on and bring this idea to life!

What are some business wins? Currently, a few wins are creating a promo video, building a social media presence, and this spotlight!

What are your short-term goals? This summer, my short-term goal is to launch the brand and start selling the product. I’ve been working to build awareness and creating a presence, but now it’s time to start solving the problem!

How has Catapult helped you? Catapult has helped me pinpoint focus on the details. Working in an environment with other like-minded people helps to ignite my creativity and strengthen my drive.

Secret Sauce? My secret sauce is passion. What is it that I’m not doing that I can start? What am I doing well that I can do better? I may get discouraged at times, but I won’t let other people deter me from something I know needs to be fixed, especially if I’m called to do it.




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