We are currently taking applications for the two positions listed below. If you are a self-starter looking to work in a fast-paced environment to make a difference in the Lakeland community, then we would love to learn more about you!


The Assistant Director will serve as the right hand to the President ensuring organizational effectiveness for Catapult workspace memberships through membership sales, membership management, policies, resources, operations of the facility, and connection to the community of entrepreneurs. The Assistant Director will also be responsible for managing all technology, resources, and systems dedicated to creating the best user experience for entrepreneurs.

This person is a self-starter, who is highly self-managed and excited to work in a collaborative environment. They have good organization skills and are able to see what needs to get done and make it happen without the need for daily guidance. They have excellent communication skills to interface with members and the community.

This person is able to strike a balance between engaging the community to foster a sense of ownership and getting things done in an efficient and effective manner. They are motivated by Catapult’s values to nurture this growing entrepreneurial community.

You can learn more about this job by checking out the job description here.


The Event Coordinator will be responsible for all events at Catapult, both internal and external. Educational programming is an essential component of Catapult’s offerings. This person will ensure the coordination of each program with excellence. Additionally, renting Catapult’s facilities serves as a revenue source for Catapult’s operations. This person is responsible for all aspects of these rental agreements and maintaining relationships resulting in repeat customers.

This person will use their detail-oriented nature and customer-service savvy to maintain the highest level of events in town.

You can learn more about this job by checking out the job description here


Catapult’s mission is to increase the viability of startups in central Florida through a collaborative workspace, thoughtful education, and funding to drive local business forward. 



We lead from a place of serving. We put others first, helping them develop and perform at high levels.

We value integrity, passion, and grit. We believe honesty is the best policy, get more excited than the average bear, and are powerfully motivated by our long-term goals.

 We believe that people are at the heart of everything we do. We love people, build relationships, and make connections with the goal of changing one life at a time.

 We get it done. When there is a hard issue to tackle in our community, our community comes to us. We roll up our sleeves and get after it.

 We have fun! We’re a bunch of goofballs that love what we do and have fun doing it.