E2: Virtually Connected
E2: Virtually Connected
April 27, 2020

Struggling to find the motivation to work diligently and stay connected with your team from home? Don’t worry, you are not alone!

From accountability tips, to the best online tools for communication, David Young from Drone Launch Academy and Online Course Lab is sharing some extremely helpful tips to make you and your team more productive even when you can’t be in the office together.

    Discussed Resources:

     Remote Management platforms:

    • Slack – a more fun and efficient replacement for email
    • Asana – project and task management software
    • Zoom – video communications
    • Loom – training video platform to simultaneously film yourself and record your screen


    This podcast was created by the team at Catapult Lakeland, an entrepreneur center that exists to foster the growth of startups in Central Florida by providing education, community, resources, and space. 


    Is Black History Month Played Out?

    Is Black History Month Played Out?

    It’s easy to overlook the significance of something incredible when it is subdued by opinion. Black History Month is an ongoing example of that. “Why do we celebrate Black History Month? Why in 2022 is it still relevant or necessary?”. These and many other questions tend to divert our focus from the heart of this cultural celebration. 


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