E10: Power of User Generated Content + Startup Lessons Learned
E10: Power of User Generated Content + Startup Lessons Learned
Headshot of Chase Sellmeyer who is a guest speaker in the HEADWAY by Catapult podcast
August 5, 2020

Chase Sellmeyer, founder of Kanga Marketing, has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and drive start something of his own. From the time he was a kid, Chase loved making videos and telling stories, but the long-format ads that he started making over a decade ago don’t cut it in the age of TikTok and instant gratification. Studies show that user-generated content (UGC) can launch your brand and drive sales since your customer is learning about you and your product or service from someone that they feel like they can trust, and the good news is that getting started with UGC can be extremely cost-effective. Additionally, in this conversation, Chase warns us about who to avoid when starting a business and other lessons he has learned throughout his career… watch out for those Tricky Tonys!

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This podcast was created by the team at Catapult Lakelandan entrepreneur center that exists to foster the growth of startups in Central Florida by providing education, community, resources, and space.



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