E5: How to Create Engaging Digital Content
E5: How to Create Engaging Digital Content
May 6, 2020

Many entrepreneurs understand that it is imperative to generate content, but staying consistent can be difficult.

From writing daily newsletters to creating engaging social media posts, Kaylee Holland from LAL Today, knows how to start and continue the conversation with her audience. She shared with us about what you should be focusing on when creating content, the online tools she recommends, and where she looks for creative inspiration.  

    Discussed Resources:

    • Fun podcasts to take a break and stimulate creativity:
    • Questions to ask yourself as you continue to generate content:
      • Is this even relevant?
      • What do people want to know?
      • How can I put myself in my customers shoes?
    • Like Ross says, when focused on creating relevant content with smart brevity it is important to remember to pivot daily.

    This podcast was created by the team at Catapult Lakeland, an entrepreneur center that exists to foster the growth of startups in Central Florida by providing education, community, resources, and space. 



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