E3: Forecasting for the Future
E3: Forecasting for the Future
April 27, 2020

How can lessons from Burger King + Teach for America help you better identify consumer trends and forecast for your company’s future?

Gillian Smith, former CMO at Teach for America turned entrepreneur, shares lessons that she learned leading marketing teams through 911 and the Great Recession to help you better understand economic trends, identify ways to pivot, and ultimately establish a brand purpose that connects with a consumer whose mindset is quickly changing. 

    Discussed Resources:

    • Click here to view the iconic photo of the Burger King that was turned into the NYPD headquarters during 911.

    This podcast was created by the team at Catapult Lakeland, an entrepreneur center that exists to foster the growth of startups in Central Florida by providing education, community, resources, and space. 



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