E8: 5 Principles of E-commerce. Part I
E8: 5 Principles of E-commerce. Part I
Headshot of Nathaniel Kendrick who is a guest speaker in the podcast HEADWAY by Catapult
July 1, 2020

“It’s hard when your mind doesn’t have a system and routine to know how to do things and to be productive. I don’t like working at home because when I go home my body and brain is like, “this is where you relax” so I can’t get into crush-it mode. So, what I am trying to do is establish a new routine for myself to be productive because if you don’t have expectations for yourself and a routine it is very easy to let the whole day drift by without being productive.” – David Young, Drone Launch Academy sharing about his WFH experience on the Headway by Catapult Lakeland podcast

Establishing a new routine isn’t easy especially as many of us are having to work from home for the first time! We needed some advice, so we did what we always do and turned to our Catapult community to find out what‘s been working for them.


Create some solid and consistent rituals.

  • Start your day with a small productivity win, like making your bed. – Steve Webster, SW gApps
  • My best mornings start with a 10–minute meditation. Then I brew some coffee and toast, and sit down to write my morning pages. The morning pages practice is a tool I got from “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. The idea is that before you actually begin your day, you write out (by hand) three pages. No pressure to create something, no plan. Just fill up three pages with my stream of consciousness. I’m sure it’s different for each person, but my pages are usually my way of thinking through my worries and/or work-related challenges. I do attribute my ability to remain calm these past 4 weeks to this practice. – Kevin O’Brien
  • Every morning I read with my morning coffee and do a quick 30-minute workout before starting work. I am still getting dressed, even if it is a bit more casual. Sometimes I even throw on makeup for the days I have conference calls on the calendar. -Stephanie Hoskins, Good Intents  
  • Dress from the waste up! Stop wasting time putting on pants when you don’t need them! Take the stress out of video calls and enjoy the peace of knowing no one can see your basketball shorts 😎-Jon Sierra, Sierra Creative 


A home office is the pinnacle, but if that is not available, you may have to creatively craft a new space to work from.

Dedicate a specific work space in your home where it is easier to separate “work” from “home”. I have a computer set up in our living room right now, and when I am working, I close the curtain connecting the living room to the other parts of the house so it feels like I am behind a closed door more or less. Do not set up a work station where you normally relax (i.e. the bedroom, the living room couch, etc.) because that creates blurred lines, and your body will have trouble adjusting to the changes. -Will English,

I have turned my vanity into a work desk for this time, but sometimes move around the house to a new spot if I get stir crazy. All of my work is online so all I need is my laptop and I’m all set, not much to keep organized other than my computer desktop. – Taylor Hosegood, Eventrics Weddings


You need to have some sun and sweat. It’s good to get outside and take a walk, even for just 15 minutes. -David Zahner

I try to schedule my day hour-by-hour. You could do this the night before or the first thing in the morning. Schedule breaks/ and distraction times. Set a timer to take walks outside and get fresh air. I find it is much more effective to schedule “distraction times” than to schedule “focus times” because that sets the precedent that “focus time” is the norm. – Will English, Realistic Picture Studio

I encourage my staff to get outside and walk by offering to pay them the standard mileage rate for every mile they can prove they walked, up to 4 miles daily. – Barbara Herrington, All About Aging 

When the day is done, I try to go outside and relax in my hammock for a few hours to get fresh air and out of the house but still social distance. -Taylor Hosegood,  Eventrics Weddings 


Find and use your favorite ways to stay connected.

I feel like the trifecta of remote work tools are Slack with Zoom with Asana, and I mean I don’t want to sound like I invented zoom, but I’m an OG zoom user, I’ve been using zoom before anyone knew what zoom was. – Drone Launch Academy  

Consider one, two, or three folks that can hold you accountable to your tasks by having daily conversations. -Steve Webster, SW gApps    

Don’t be your own echo chamber. Consider starting a mastermind group. – Jamie Clemens, Loud Life Productions . Listen to this Pivoting on a Dime podcast with Jamie to learn more.

Don’t forget, it is important to look good on camera! Learn more in this USA Today article. – Lary Becker, Good on Camera


This time is crazy, but don’t forget that your community needs you.

First, wake up and admit you may have some level of anxiety. Then, ask yourself, “who can I help today?” -Steve Webster SW gApps

Looking for inspiration and hope? See how a community comes together in this video, “The Light” which was proudly made by Lakeland Locals:

Created & Produced by Andy McEntire with Indie Atlantic Films

Written by Catapult Member Kevin O’Brien 

Narrated by Catapult Launch Grant winner & Lakeland Live  Executive Director Nate Fleming

Music by Aaron Marsh with The Vanguard Room 

Do you have other tips for working at home?
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