Reeve’s Lawncare
Reeve’s Lawncare
November 8, 2017


Dave Reeves received a grant of $10,000 towards his startup company, Reeve’s Lawn Care, a full service lawn care company. Through working in the lawn care industry, Dave noticed a need in improving transporting lawn care workers on the job site. This led Dave to create the Chariot, a patented vehicle that gives lawn care workers a 20% reduction in cycle time when edging, line trimming, blowing, spraying, hedge trimming, and mulching. The grant will be used towards completing the prototype and the production of the first unit of the Chariot.



  1. Robert

    Please give me a call I’m highly interested on getting on board of getting one of these or even helping you with anything that I can help with you in the production of the machines and I would also be interested in advertising in my area for this fabulous machine my wife was born and raised on a sod farm we live on about 2,000 acres we on a pretty successful Lawn Care our self there’s nobody in this area that is probably never even seen anything like that I would like to get on board with introducing that to my area and hopefully it will help with lots of people with production feel free to give me a call at any time 386 868 8070 we know a lot of people that own lawn services help me let me help you please contact me at any time Kirkland cuts my wife’s family is Kirkland song in the Volusia County area

  2. Brian Fitzpatrick

    Great idea
    How can I buy 7 of them? I own a lawn maintenance company in New Jersey. We cut 13,000 homes a week. We run 8 crews and each crew has 2 weed wackers and one blower. They follow 3 walker mowers and a John Deere zero turn. With this unit I could see me saving a lot of $$$$$$$$$. I’m sending the videos to my local power equipment dealer. Hopefully you get a lot of interest at the show this week and put this into production sooner than later. GOOD LUCK. KEEP ME POSTED.

  3. B and J landscaping

    We own a small start up landscaping company in east Texas we would be interested in helping with anything we can to get this up and going


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