Gator Creek Technologies
Gator Creek Technologies
November 7, 2017


Ryan Moore of Gator Creek Technologies received a grant of $10,000. Gator Creek Technologies is a consulting business specialized in geospatial data management services. Their expertise allows clients to navigate around the complexity of managing geospatial information, streamline the data management pipeline, develop intelligent analytical systems and solve critical issues though informative geospatial data products. Their goal is to empower organizations to efficiently access geospatial information and take business intelligence to the next level.

Ryan Moore is a geomatics professional who is experienced in aquatic ecology. He has focused his career objectives towards adding value to business objectives though his expertise in geospatial information management. In October of 2013 he channeled all of his professional experience into working full time on his start up, Gator Creek Technologies, LLC. The company’s mission is to develop simple data applications which enable clients to collect, analyze and publish geospatial data.


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