Cat Walk is designed for business owners who have successfully launched, and have shifted their efforts towards scaling into new markets. Directed by a facilitator, the program allows participants to work towards answering their development questions together in a peer to peer environment.

Operating similarly to a mastermind group, Cat Walk meets once a month. The group allows time for each member to vulnerably share the highs and lows of their business in order to gain feedback and insight from others.


Combat Isolation

Participate in non-judgemental, trusted, and confidential discussions for your development.

Make Better Decisions

Question your assumptions and determine your best strategy.

Experience Group Accountability

Check in with group members on the goals you set.

Determine Growth

Learn from working through issues with peers and experts.

Impliment Strategy

Develop confidence to implement change professionally and personally.


Cat Walk is a selective program and requires a level of screening before admittance. If you would like to take part in this group, fill out a form and you will hear back from our team shortly.