Taste of Catapult
Taste of Catapult
May 1, 2019

Last Thursday, April 25th, we hosted the massively successful event, Taste of Catapult, and we’re still in a bit of a food coma because of it. Our Kitchen Director, Maggie Leach, deserves all the credit for this one. As the Kitchen Director, Maggie works directly with all of Catapult’s kitchen members–those special people who make a living by creating delicious food. She rounded up a handful of members and convinced them to give away free food in exchange for the ever-helpful and ever-necessary consumer feedback. Additionally, Maggie reached out to some of the area’s most renowned foodie professionals, Jon and Sarah Bucklew of the Joinery, Jenn Smurr of Born and Bread, and several high-ups from Publix to also provide priceless feedback to the kitchen members. Nine members participated in the event, each bringing their own uniquely wonderful treats.

Vegetation Plant Foods


Vegetation Plant Foods, created and run by Rima Schillenger, provides a wonderful array of vegetarian meals that can be delivered to your door. Rima’s goal in starting Vegetation Plant Foods was to provide Lakeland with healthy, filling foods that stood out from the regular pizza and sub lunch crowd.

Blue Dog Craft Barbecue


Blue Dog Craft Barbecue, owned by Max Miller, is every meat-lover’s dream and can be found weekly at the Lakeland Curbside Farmers Market. At Taste of Catapult, Max brought massive flanks of meat, cut especially for each taste-tester, and the people were not disappointed!

Essential Catering Solutions


Essential Catering Solutions, with head chef Dorcas Crumbley, is in business with the purpose of connecting people. Dorcas and her team hope to provide delicious food that leaves a lasting impression on all those that taste it and bond together those who are eating, regardless of the reason for their gathering.

Honeycomb Bread Bakers


Honeycomb Bread Bakers, owned by Lakeland native Benjamin Vickers, exists to bring an abundance of artisan bread to Lakeland, accessible anytime and any day. Benjamin takes pride in crafting naturally leavened bread that is hearty, delicious and unique.

No Guilt Baking Co.


No Guilt Baking, established by Darla Markley, was created for carb-lovers on a diet. Darla is a self-proclaimed carb-junkie and wants to provide her favorite tasty treats in a healthier way. No Guilt Baking services those who eat paleo, gluten-free, low carb, or just prefer a more wholesome diet.

Mesa Manila


Peggy Eary created Mesa Manila with the hopes of inserting her favorite Filipino flavors into the Lakeland food realm. Peggy loves Lakeland and its gradual growth towards diverse tastes, and she hopes that Mesa Manila will contribute to that development. Peggy specializes in making sweet and tangy treats using ingredients exclusive to the Philippines.



Baked, operated by Deborah Rossick, houses sweet and timeless cheesecakes and cookies that are a good fit for any occasion. After earning a degree in baking and pastry, Deborah realized that starting her own business was the clear path to creating the life she desired.



Stuffed, with chef Brooke Ernst, constructs hand-crafted dinner pies that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Brooke knows the value of home-cooked meals and the reality that they are not always accessible for busy workers. To combat this, she has created a business model where she delivers the home-cooked meal, hot and ready to eat.

Krazy Kombucha

Krazy Kombucha, created by Wendy Johnson, sources the best kombucha in Lakeland. Kombucha is a health-promoting tea filled with probiotics that aid digestion, rid the body of toxins, and boost energy–plus, it tastes good!

If this post has inspired you to create your own food-based business or aroused questions about Catapult/entrepreneurship in general, be sure to reach out to us at Catapult using the email catapultlakeland@gmail.com or give us a call at 863-940-9660.


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