Support Your Local Food Businesses
Support Your Local Food Businesses

March 25, 2020 

Last week, we shared a list of where to find our food businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic via email & social media. We will be updating this list as new information comes available, so be sure to check back for changes + new action plans for each business.

For information regarding your farmers market favorites, please visit the Downtown Farmer’s Curb Market website to learn more about their Wednesday and Saturday pick up opportunities.

Each link below leads to their respective social media pages, which include full details + ordering information.

LATEST UPDATES: Week of May 4th – May 8th

Mother’s Day 2020 is Sunday, May 10th. While this year’s celebration may look a little different – there are plenty of opportunities to procure a sweet or savory treat for pick up or delivery from our Catapult Kitchen Members. 

Honeycomb Bread Bakers now stocks ingredients for home baking, from sourdough starter to European style butter, as well as recipe kits. Find all supplies for your new-found bread baking passion here!



Baked Lakeland 

Blue Dog Barbecue 

  • Family-style meals with pulled pork, brisket, and house made sides available for pre-order & pick up.

Cake Makers Studio 

  • Cupcakes & ice cream available through curbside delivery, Bite Squad, or a 5-mile radius delivery.

Crumbles and Cream 

  • Authentic German baked goods, such as breads and quiches, available for pre-orders for Saturday pick up at LDDA office or local delivery.

Liamuiga Tinctures & Teas

  • Loose leaf teas, like lemongrass-ginger, and baked offerings like scones are available for pre-order and Wednesday or Saturday pick up at LDDA office.

Vegetation Plant Foods 

  • Plant-based, gluten-free, veggie-full prepared meals are available for Tuesday pick up or delivery. (Pro Tip – place order and eat fresh veggies for a whole week!)

Vicky G’s 


  • Full menu, featuring a retro Latin cuisine, such as empanadas, Pollo A La Brasa, and Lady Calypso cookies, available for special order + delivery. Family meals available through special order. Visit their website for a full menu + pricing.


A Cow Named Moo 

  • Pausing operations due to COVID-19. A limited number of ice cream sammies are available at Black and Brew until current inventory is sold out.

Born and Bread

  • Pastries & sourdough breads available through pre-order on their website for Saturday pick up. Select items are available daily at both Black and Brew locations and Saturday & Sunday at the Greenwise Market. 

Honeycomb Bread Bakers 

  • Bread bakery open for takeout only Wednesday through Saturday, and online pre-order is available for Friday and Saturday pick up. Free kids’ lunches are available for those who rely on Polk County free/reduced school lunches. 

Krazy Kombucha 

  • Locally brewed Kombucha, with flavors such as a refreshing Blackberry Basil, available for growler refill at Good Thyme on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

No Guilt Baking Company 

The Poor Porker 

The Salty Cow 

  • Specialty cheese + housemade cheese dips (like their signature Smoke & Fire Dip) available for delivery, pick up by appointment, and Saturday pick up at the Aqua Organics ComeUnity Marketplace.

 ICMYI: The LDDA is hosting Downtown Lakeland Curbside Bingo, challenging Lakelanders to visit each establishment on their board – including Catapult alumni Honeycomb Bread Bakers and Cake Makers Studio – to be entered to win a $300 gift.


These entrepreneurs are doing everything in their power to bring safe, fresh, and delicious food to our community. Please consider supporting them at this time.

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  1. Marcella Walterman

    thanks for the information. It’s good to know these folks are still out there.


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