Startup Weekend
Startup Weekend
September 17, 2019

This past weekend Catapult hosted the very first Techstar’s Startup Weekend and it was a BLAST! We had a total of 46 participants and we saw twelve teams turn their ideas into further shaped business proposals by Sunday evening. What could be better?

 For anyone who doesn’t know: Startup Weekend is a 54 hour event that allows individuals to pitch ideas that they’ve always thought could be turned into a business, but never actually took action to do so. SW is also a great event anyone who is interested in learning more about entrepreneurship, even if they don’t yet have a business idea. SW is open to anyone that would like to participate, the more diverse in character and skills, the better!

At the start of the weekend, any individuals that have an idea will be given the opportunity to express their aim in a span of 60 seconds, asking the audience for specific skills that they require to bring their dreams to fruition. Votes are cast and ideas are eliminated until the final teams are formed and ready to begin building!


The great thing about Startup Weekend is that everyone that participates is gaining, regardless of whether or not their idea is the one worked on throughout the weekend. Learning and practicing the logistics of business building and all that is required to turn an idea into something viable is an invaluable skill that will be gained by all who come out. 

We’re so happy at the success we had in our first run of Startup Weekend, and are so excited to host the event again soon! Be on the lookout for our next round of SW on our Facebook and Instagram accounts or in our newsletters as you don’t want to miss out!

If you want to learn more about Catapult and entrepreneurship, be sure to explore our website, email our membership director Connor, or give us a call at 863.940.9660.


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