Startup Stories Synopses
Startup Stories Synopses
June 4, 2019


Startup Stories: Amanda Jusino, The Academy of Branding


Amanda Jussino is a Puerto Rican native who came to the US after tragedy struck her family in 2017, but her entrepreneurial journey was in progress long before then.


Amanda attended a School of Art in Puerto Rico, earning certification in sculpting and painting, as she has always had a passion for artistic endeavors. Following this, she earned her masters degree in graphic design and became a university professor by the age of 22. Roughly ten years following, Hurricane Michael struck her family’s home, forcing them to move to the states in November 2017.


Amanda discovered Catapult by chance at a meeting in Orlando and after checking out our social media decided it was a good fit for her. She’s been working on her Academia de Branding out of the space since January of this year.  


The Academy of Branding is each of Amanda’s passions combined into a business. The Academy services Spanish speaking clients via online courses, meetups, and consulting. Amanda hopes to continue to grow and expand, with the foundational goal being to help clients have the confidence to establish and manage their own branding.


To learn the rest of Amanda’s story, listen to the rest here!


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