Lakeland Ledger Entrepreneur Spotlights

Each week the Ledger highlights one Catapult entrepreneur.

Steve Webster

Steve is a developing wiz that specializes in custom software services

Teresa O’Brien

Teresa created Help(her) to alleviate clients’ to-do lists + provide opportunities to women

Andrea Merritt

Andrea owns and operates DreaM Digital, a marketing firm that services small + local businesses.

Deedre Daniel

Deedre owns two companies that work to bring people together and boost creativity and positivity.

Sarah Bucklew

Sarah and her husband Jon own The Joinery: a modern food hall and brewery.

Lisa Welsh

Lisa discovered a simple solution to filling a major gap in her daily nutrition with microgreens.

Bill Turpin

After the print publishing landscape shifted, Bill adapted to offer a digital publication.

Nathaniel Kendrick

Nate started by selling candy in elementary school and now sells fireproof bags on his e-commerce store.

Rima Schillinger

Rima’s meals only use ingredients that are free from animal products, dairy, gluten, and added oils.

Tony Hinson

Tony provides custom software solutions for cloud-based machine vision and data analytics.

Dan Jarvis

Dan works to change the lives of those with PTSD with an innovative treatment.

Daniel Peralta Velez

Daniel hopes to develop new, efficient, and effective cell batteries and generators.

Stephanie Hoskins

Stephanie believes everyone, regardless of budget, deserves to have their cause shared.

Mark Gai

At 7 years old, Mark defined his life-long quest to meaningfully connect with others.

Tanya Muir

Tanya hopes to bring the message “Soul Care is Self Care” to the rest of the world.

Alexander Donalson

The focus on capturing fleeting, often-forgotten moments drew Alexander to wedding photography.

Jess Banks

Jess is working to help girls prepare for their first menstrual cycle by curating boxes with products.

John Gould

John is on a mission to merge the writing skills of the humanities with spaceflight’s history and future.

Bruce Hicks

Bruce is an electrical engineering student, an archer aspiring for the 2024 Olympics, and an entrepreneur!

Lisa Kirk

After the loss of her son, Lisa Kirk decided to grieve + serve by donating shoes to kids in crisis.

Paul Allan

After working in web for over a decade in LA, Paul is bringing his business back home to Lakeland.

Tonya Lockamy

Tonya felt passionate about creating a “true” digital marketing agency that actually helped

De Vondalyn Hughes

De Vondalyn assists new charter school teachers with professional development strategies.

Shane Osborne

Shane saw a need for an all-natural beard product that is gentle on skin and void of harsh chemicals.

Matt Burnett

Matt’s life-long passion for aerial vehicles turned into his first entrepreneurial endeavor.

Deborah Rossick

Deborah realized she could bring joy to others through her delicious baked creations, so she did.

Hildie Gutierrez

Hildie was determined to create a product that would make life easier for the average home baker.

Dorcas Crumbley

Dorcas felt strongly about providing quality and affordability in life’s most fundamental need.

Sean Wilson

Andy fell in love with computers while in school for biology and never looked back.

Andy Markley

Andy fell in love with computers while in school for biology and never looked back.

Joe O’Brien

For years, Joe has dreamed of sharing his passion for pie with the Lakeland community.

Nate Carson

Nate has loved video games most of his life and now he leads FSC’s eSports program.

Micheal Morgan

Amanda offers graphic design + brand coaching services for entrepreneurs.

Amanda Jusino

Amanda offers graphic design + brand coaching services for entrepreneurs.

Nate Chappell

Nate wants to be a resource for Lakeland’s innovators to create positive change.

Nate Fleming

When Nate took stage for the elementary talent show, he knew his purpose was comedy.

Jessica Kircher

When Jessica was young, she spent hours on her computer honing her design skills.

Ileah Green King

Ileah helps people remove barriers to success so they can move forward with their best life.

Grit Rambusch

The culinary + hospitality industries have taken Grit all over, but she found a home in Lakeland.

Salena Joseph

Salena uses her expert knowledge, skills and personal experience to craft content that provokes action.

Rob Gelhausen

When Rob began working in software development, he didn’t know how much he would love it.

Benjamin Vickers

Benjamin founded Honeycomb Bread Bakers on generosity, humility, grace, + candor.

Daniel Shaw

While working in a large grocery chain, Dan found his life’s calling: cheese.

Angie Fontes

For nearly two decades, Angie has worked in senior positions for industrial food manufacturers.

Kendall Glowner

Kendall was diagnosed with PCOS + made it her mission to help women facing the same struggles.

Paige Wagner

Paige lives + breathes real estate and believes that realtors have a duty to do right unto home-buyers.

Amy Hornbuckle

Amy assumed that she would climb the corporate ladder, but God placed a vision on her heart.

Luis Arias

After spending years as a musician + special effects makeup artist, Luis found the art of cake decorating.

Micheal Thompson

After a dense professional career, Micheal created a fun way to teach younger generations.

Eddie Maldonado

After serving our country in the military, Eddie wanted to continue making a difference.

Wayne Buning

It was natural for Wayne to extend his technical + mechanical expertise into his own business.

Chris Finlayson

Chris recently jumped into the Lakeland community and develops custom software for businesses.

Jeremy Reyes

Jeremy loves entrepreneurship and the opportunity it provides for people to succeed

Randy Lopez

Randy has always been passionate about technology + its tangible impact on our society.

Sarah Keener

Sarah has been enthralled by the world of general contracting since she was 14.

Julie Hasson

Julie speaks to educator groups, sharing the themes found in stories she has collected.

Mike Dodge

Mike is a long-time Lakeland native who had life-long aspirations of starting his own business.

Ian Thomas

Since moving back, Ian + his wife Molly have always dreamed about planting a church in Lakeland.

Roderick Henderson

Roderick’s diverse + eclectic professional history led him to workforce development.

Katie Blondell

Katie worked in marketing + public relations before she made the leap into becoming a business owner.

Will English

Will and his friends started a business to create video games from scratch.

Kidane Henry

Kidane hopes socio-economic background out of the picture for striving soccer players

Tom Pollock

Tom found commercial lending to be outdated +inefficient, but worked tirelessly to find a solution.

Mario Garcia

Mario has worked with his daughter to bring an idea she had for a product to life.

Trey Smith

Trey is a 13-year Air Force veteran who works to help others reach their fitness goals.

Jenny Heidtman

Jenny runs a non-profit performing arts venue that is breathing new life into Polk County

Wendy Johnson

Wendy loves sharing her healthy, small-batch kombucha with the Lakeland community.

Anastasia Zivic

Anastasia left the corporate world to begin her very own boutique entertainment agency.

Dynamic Security

Lakeland was perfectly sized for Ricardo’s full-service physical security business.

Atenea Lara

Atenea runs an online fitness coaching enterprise to help women reach their fitness goals

Jason Lyles

Jason works for small businesses to help develop solutions to collect, analyze, and present their data.

Cora Ligon

Cora felt limited by the one-way avenue of media sales, so she started her own marketing agency.

Jessi Rae Varnum

Jessi Rae has dreamt of owning a bridal salon for her love of fashion and to help others

Noel Rosa

Noel received funding to launch is custom, thin-body acoustic guitar company, New Sound Acoustics.

Kevin O’Brien

Kevin just finished his first feature film with help from our funding program.

Mark Lutter

Mark thought that sharing his beer with Lakeland would be a great way to enjoy his retirement.

Jonathan Gilbert

For Jonathan, advertising and marketing is all about telling the client’s story.

Kelly Riley

Kelly takes her traveling textile and vintage goods shop to markets all over Central Florida.

Nyrka Riskin

Nyrka strategically advises and supports businesses, teams, and individuals both near and far.

Nancye Black

Nancye envisioned an educational system that empowered every teacher and student to succeed.

Wesley + Jestin

Wesley + Jestin’s app auctions off users’ parking spaces via a mini-bid system

Lucky Puppy

After over a decade in a vet clinic, Debi knew there was a better way to do canine nail care

Leah Hacker

Leah analyzes the market to provide a cross-functional strategy for product, business, and growth.

Jenario Johnson

Jenario has designed a motion-tracking device to help combat-sport athletes train smarter.

Benjamin Slayter

Benjamin works to provide grant funding for large-scale participatory art.

Corey Plummer

Corey delivers quality craft sodas in the name of his young daughter, Sparrow.

Javi Reyes Jr.

Javi fell in love with photography and at the start of 2017, he began his own business.

Chris Grainger

In 2009, Chris took a leap of faith to start his own DJ service Graingertainment.

Jim Roberts

After working in the corporate marketing world for 35 years, Jim began his very own firm.

Hemant + Shilpa Dalvi

A passion for authentic Indian cuisine led Hemant + Shilpa to begin their own culinary startup

Charlie McNulty

After graduating, Charlie found himself wanting to take ministry outside the walls of a church.

Karen Spencer

Karen’s idea came from personal experience, as 3 of her kids have faced challenges with disabilities.

Catalyst John

John works with entrepreneurs and small businesses to provoke change and accelerate growth

Yahaira Morales

For over 20 years, Yahaira has encouraged others to live their lives to their full potential.

Josh Nederveld

Josh believes that every business, big or small, deserves a good website they can afford.

Susan Hokanson

Susan has always loved to bake and on the weekends, she is at the local markets selling her treats!

Sara Lasseter

Sara’s passion for photography wasn’t realized until her family started showing cattle.

Gina Bullock

Gina quit her corporate job to pursue pet-sitting & dog-walking with the Pet Nanny Lakeland.

Denzel Thomas

Denzel learned everything he could about economics to help businesses all over the world.

Dave Pappas

For the past 14 years, Dave has provided creative direction for a wide range of organizations.

David Young

David Young is an accountant who found a new career opportunity in the growing industry of drones.

Kristina Madden

Kristina worked in all different kinds of industries until she found her calling in digital marketing.

Brock McKean

Brock’s journey of entrepreneurship as a software engineer brought him back to his hometown, Lakeland.

Stephen Roe

Stephen’s love for writing and people collided to create a blog called Thoughtful Growth.

Daniel and Stacy Tabb

Daniel and Stacy share a diverse artistic history that led to the ideation and creation of their business.

Maegan Carroll

Maegan is driven by the entrepreneurial buzz in Lakeland and her passion to create.

Janira Rodriguez

Janira started her business to help others live their purpose and fully experience life.

Chrissanne Long

Chrissanne discovered that digital marketing could leave a significant impact on the Lakeland community.

Ruben Pizarro

Ruben has worked with computers his whole life and now focuses on web design and marketing.

Candy Hart

Candy loves training the canine community to see them become a reliable member of the family.

Cindy + David Southworth

Cindy + David found that there are no shortcuts in marriage, which led them to teach others the same.

Shannon Harper

Shannon loves helping others grow their business through search engine optimization.

Brad Klapprott

ISO Par Consulting helps businesses develop & document processes to provide structure for growth.

Jeremy Thrush

Love Beets offers a variety of beet products including powders, juices, and packaged + peeled beets.

Robert Bohrer

Trimit Consulting, LLC is a business process improvement driven by a focus on quality + consistency.

David Perrera

The Honest Worm provides natural feed supplements for backyard chicken enthusiasts.

Barbara Herrington

After she became her mother-in-law’s caregiver, Barbara knew there was a need for more Aging Life Care.

Chelsea Brown

Chelsea has a desire to make a snack that tasted great and was good for you through her business.

Laura Helm

Laura began Ashton Events to allow the art of storytelling to work with planning and logistics.

Naomi Suchy

Naomi is a fun-loving photographer that builds a connection with her clients through smiles and stories.

Chris McArthur

After opening Black & Brew, Chris attended roasting school, purchased a roaster, and started Patriot Coffee.

Ricardo Rivera

Ricardo’s business, Dynamic Security, offers hardware technology, and surveillance + intrusion detection.

Mayra Benitez

Mayra is passionate about the educational impact she is offering to future generations.

Barry Friedman

Barry is passionate about exploring effective ways to keep people informed and engaged.

Renee Lopez

Renee has coached for 17 years and started RL Academy to focus on leadership and sports consulting.

Collins McBride

Collins combined her love of dogs + passion for sewing and creating things to create Donzimade.

Tom Williams

Tom has been in the timber industry for 25 years and works to promote sustainable forestry.

Rebeccah Lipson

Strings in Need is dedicated to providing students with expert training in the art of strings.

Glenda Thurmond

Glenda uses her expertise for theatre to connect with at-risk youth in Lakeland.

Ben Daniels

LOGS provides a guide and all the gear to make Lakeland’s scenic nature more accessible.

Matthew Antolick

Matthew combines the best that philosophy, counseling, coaching, and consulting has to offer.

James Holloway

James is committed to finding better ways for small businesses to connect with their customers.

Dion Koch

Dion truly believes that cotton candy is a nostalgic treat that creates and triggers sweet memories.

Ben Arnold

Ben is dedicated to seeing his community be active in a really fun way!

Dan Thumberg

Dan is a third generation entrepreneur who loves all things beer-related.

Chris Florence

Chris believes that there should be an ongoing relationship between business and clients.

Jason Weiland

Jason is passionate about serving those that struggle with mental health issues.

Matthew Wengerd

Through A Fine Press​, Matthew is dedicated to telling stories and creating something meaningful.

Adrian Lucas

Adrian is dedicated to helping people and organizations solve their greatest challenges.

Brian Sutherland

Brian first became hooked on playing music after his parents bought him a harmonica from Cracker Barrel.

Anthony Randolph

It is Anthony’s goal and passion to use sports to develop people for success on and off the field.

Jamie Clemens

Jamie’s mission is to ensure that his clients at Loud Life Productions are seen and heard.

Brannen Padgett

Brannen, of Redemption Church, believes that without love, you’ll miss everything.

JD Arbuckle

JD uses his knowledge of business strategy to help individuals reach their maximum potential.

Kevin O’Brien

Journey Box Media produces films that move people to live better stories.

Dustin Prickett

Dustin is passionate about creating imagery which is authentic, emotional, and timeless.

Patrick & Sarah Mulcahy

This duo makes the best ice cream sandwich, using organic pasture-raised dairy & local ingredients.

Sarah Bisesi

Sarah is deeply moved by the intimate relationship between parents and their children.

Brian Seeley

Brian is passionate about both business and caring for those in need.

Jon Sierra

Jon is an independent art director and graphic designer with over 10 years of experience.

Brian White

Brian believes that aWhiSpa can be the leader of healing clinics in this community.

Jordan Weiland

Jordan believes that capturing real moments is better than recreating poses.

Caleb Randall

Caleb has the passion to create an experience with his films while telling stories that make an impact.

Dena Goldfine

Dena has spent the last 25 years working in the food, supplement, and body care industry.

Holly Parrish

Before launching PH Solutions, Holly spent 15 years working as a full-time fundraising professional.

Jason Demeo

Jason was born with a love for design and entrepreneurship. He loves the idea of crafting his own future.

Josh Watson

Josh and his former partner left their jobs at a large firm to start their own company in 2011.

Corey Plummer

Corey traded in his day job to start a speciality coffee company that specializes in Coffee Pop.

Jenna Adams

Jenna’s passion for photography began in middle-school when she received the gift of her first camera.

Fred Koehler

A lifelong entrepreneur and artist, Fred built his agency as a way to tell the stories of his clients.