Office Benefits
Office Benefits
September 5, 2019

Catapult offers three different versions of traditional membership options: coworking, dedicated desks, and semi-private offices. Every type of membership has its own perks, and we will have posts celebrating each one, but for today let’s talk about semi-private offices!

Semi-private offices are less available compared to other membership types, so they tend to fly under the radar, but these spaces are not to be overlooked! Below we’ve listed three of the perks that are found in our offices:

1. Better Focus

An office helps you get straight to the point. While working around other people and in varying environments certainly guide creativity and prevent ruts, there is nothing like routine and privacy to eliminate distractions.

2. Establish Ownership

Having your own space that is specifically dedicated to getting work done feels good. Humans are prideful by nature, and the satisfaction of calling something your own is hard to match. Plus: decorating without limitation can be super exciting!

3. Create Balance 

Office spaces allow for a clear distinction between where work begins and ends. It is all too easy to work whenever duty calls without an office space, which of course has its benefits, but can hinder productivity and can allow work to bleed into times that should be allotted to family, friends, and rest.

Because Catapult offices are located within the coworking members, our offices offer the best of both worlds in terms of solidarity and community. They’re also great for small business teams that include more than one person!

If you have questions regarding obtaining an office space, you’re interested in membership in general, or you want to know more about Catapult and entrepreneurship, be sure to explore our website, email our membership director Connor, or give us a call at 863.940.9660.


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