We’re not going to lie to you–you’ve likely heard all these before. But then again, the best wisdom is that which has been passed down for generations, (the stuff you’ve never heard before is what tends to lead astray). You already know what it takes and what you need to do in order to get your business to the next level, it’s just a matter of getting off the (literal or figurative) couch and putting these habits into practice.

Be Proactive

Taking responsibility for your day, your actions and your attitude regardless of what is going on around you is a huge step toward triumph. It is so much easier to be reactive–to allow circumstance and feeling to serve as excuses for any lack of progress or motivation, but this is a quick way to disintegrate success.  The trick to this, to combat reaction and initiate proaction, is to decide every day that you run the show and not a thing in the world can get in your way.

Think Big

We get it, you’re an entrepreneur. You’re already thinking big. But we urge you to think bigger. Reflect on what scares you. Consider what “no’s” you have heard and how quickly you accepted them as final. Possibility is fluid, which means that thinking big is not a one and done, box checked, certificate earned achievement. Thinking big is another daily decision, one that is going to require dedication and courage. One of the best ways to keep the big thinking stream constant is to conduct research often–see where the market is moving and look both to business models that are similar and completely different than your own. Keep current on what is trending and look to history for what is tried and true. The more you know, the bigger you think.

Get Sleep

This one is self-explanatory. Your body was built needing an energy source, so provide it with some. Get plenty of sleep, (preferably 8 hours a night) and be sure to eat every once in a while, too.

Schedule Out

This is another habit that tends to happen by default, especially if your business is one that meets with clients on any regular basis. Without a schedule, you’re likely just running around and getting a lot less accomplished than you could be if you mapped out a schedule. It is best practice to schedule out the entire week in advance whenever possible. If you can schedule more than a week in advance, then kudos to you. (On a side note: it’s not a bad idea to schedule non-work related items as well like family time, recreational activities, and, as we just mentioned, sleep). Oh and if you’re anything like us, it’s worth mentioning that you have to stick to the schedule, not just write it down and forget about it.

Let Go

Okay, so we just told you to keep a schedule, but we’re also telling you to be willing to ditch that schedule when called for. Because let’s be honest, what is life if not an unexpected development that we need to adjust for. Hopefully, whenever your plans or schedules are tossed in the wind, it is because something bigger and better came your way.

Ask Questions

This shares some parallels with thinking big. Asking questions is the best way to learn, and though we don’t necessarily agree with your middle school teacher who said there is no such thing as a stupid question, we do agree that you should ask it either way. Do not underestimate the power of a Google search or the sage wisdom of your mother, (even if she is somewhat out of touch with the modern world). Stay in the know by questioning everything.

Take Note

It’s never a bad idea to keep a journal. Being able to reflect on our own personal growth in a tangible way is one of the best motivators to continue on that track. Beyond noting wins that your business achieves, allow for open-ended entries as well that are encouraging to see after-the-fact when a solution has been implemented.

Keep Moving

Here it is, the big one that you’ve been waiting for: keep it movin’. Never give up. Persevere until you just can’t take no more. But seriously: you’ve got this. The journey will be undeniably messy and harder than you may have anticipated, but we implore you to keep moving forward and to only look back for reference, (see habit #7).

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