LKLD Entrepreneurship
LKLD Entrepreneurship
August 21, 2019

If you didn’t already know, coworking, the primary service offered here at Catapult, is a rapidly growing concept that is storming all of the nation’s (and the world’s) largest cities, utilized by those who work remotely or independently, but most of all, by those that run their own businesses.

We at Catapult actually believe that Lakeland has to be one of the best cities in the nation to be an entrepreneur–or own a small business–and here’s why:

1. LKLD is the perfect size city

Lakeland has a population of just around 100,000 people, which is just right for Goldilocks and her business of nature photography. It is small enough that many entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to find success without being swallowed up by the sea of small businesses found in other towns–but still large enough that the community will be able to sustain and support that business. Which brings us to our next point:

2. LKLD has a supportive community

One of the sub-reasons that demonstrate Lakeland’s capability of support is the plethora of pre-existing small businesses, some of which have had open doors for upwards of a decade. These businesses have only been able to stand strong and continue to run because of the support of the community. This is not a factor to be taken lightly–there are many other cities that have just the same, if not better resources for small business, but without a supportive community, they will fall flat over time. 

3. LKLD is up + coming 

Finally, and this is a point that we can’t stress enough–Lakeland, overall, is undoubtedly a town on the rise. There are so many new projects coming to Lakeland including the development of Lake Bonnet, The Joinery, Catapult 3.0, The Yard on Mass, and many more. Lakeland overall, not only in the realm of small business, is a city of constant and rapid growth. Lakeland is the largest city between Tampa and Orlando, and although there are no intents to “compete” with either of these cities, we know that Lakeland does and will continue to “hold its own” regarding quality of life.  
Though you could argue that our opinion is biased, which it is, there are other, renowned sources that agree with us. Read what Bloomberg has to say about Lakeland here.


We know that leaving behind a world of familiarity and security for something entirely unknown like entrepreneurship can be incredibly daunting, but we can say on behalf of our members that the journey is well worth the rewards.

If this post has inspired you or risen any questions about entrepreneurship or Catapult, be sure to visit our website, email our membership director Connor, or give us a call at 863.940.9660.


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