Being in the world of entrepreneurship can be lonely and overwhelming. Working primarily with entrepreneurs here at Catapult, we knew that implementing CO.STARTERS, a nationally used program that connects entrepreneurs and gives them the tools to find traction with their businesses.

CO.STARTERS is a 9-week course offered to early stage businesses that are hungry for growth. CO.STARTERS is a highly successful course and has been attended by a number of the Lakeland businesses that you know and love, including Twentyseven Lakeland creator Jenna O’Brien and Born and Bread owner Jennifer Smur. 

Dick Pellegrini leads CO.STARTERS, 2018

CO.STARTERS dives into the nitty-gritty of building out your company’s infrastructure, with each week covering new vital information including finances, team building, and marketing. The course is led by a seasoned facilitator that is an experienced entrepreneur with connections to the Florida business community and intends for each attending entrepreneur to have the opportunity to gain professional advice as well as learn from the experience of fellow entrepreneurs that are on similar, young business journeys. CO.STARTERS will you help you better know yourself, your customer, your money, and how to market it all. 

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If you have other general questions about entrepreneurship or Catapult’s cowering space be sure to visit our website, email our membership director Connor, or give us a call at 863.940.9660.

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