Can’t Miss Coworking
Can’t Miss Coworking
June 13, 2019

Being a Catapult member has a plethora of perks, but coworking on its own has a ton to offer any entrepreneur, regardless of the business stage they are in. Though we could go on all day listing all the best parts of coworking, but to save you and ourselves the time, we’ll talk about what we believe to be the most important parts.


Easily the most basic essential need for modern entrepreneurs is wifi, hello. Not the kind of wifi that requires you to refresh your page over and over, either. At Catapult, all members are provided fyberoptic wifi, which is tech-speak for insanely fast and effective. The best way we can explain it is in the paraphrased testimonies of our photographer members: wedding/event albums that require 8+ hours to upload on regular wifi require a mere forty-five minutes at Catapult.


Free Coffee (+ snacks)

We know about the daily requirement for hard-workers–caffeine is not overlooked in our space. And because we love entrepreneurs so much, we’re not offering Dunkin Donuts. We keep our shelves stocked weekly with local coffee conuseir Patriot Coffee Roasters. Not to mention all the classic snacks that are always available and the occasional fresh treat offered up by a number of our members, which brings up to our final and undoubtedly the best coworking perk…


While we can’t speak for all coworking spaces, we know that the sense of community at Catapult is one perk that is not to be overlooked. Catapult is unique from some other coworking spaces in that we are not a niche coworking space, which means, with a few exceptions, most entrepreneurs are able to work out of the space, regardless of their industry. This equates to a beautiful blend of skills and abilities, and a sense of desire to share tips, skills and services whenever possible. Many members have reaped the benefits of working alongside digital marketing pros, legal brains, tech-savvy peers and more.


If this post has you considering starting your own business or aroused questions about Catapult/entrepreneurship in general, be sure to reach out to us at Catapult using the email catapultlakeland@gmail.com or give us a call at (863).940.9660.


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