A One-of-a-Kind Workspace.

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The Coworking Space

Enjoy beautiful artwork, open seating, and good conversation in the coworking space. Here you will find desks, couches, and comfortable chairs to do great work. We also have a snack bar and unlimited coffee to keep you fueled up all day.

The Dedicated Desks

If you’re looking for a place to sit down and really dig in, look no further than our four dedicated desks. Here, entrepreneurs who have decided to take their businesses to the next level can design and enjoy a desk that is uniquely their own.

The Semi-Private Offices

Catapult is all about helping businesses succeed. There is a year and a half time limit on a semi-private offices, so businesses can focus on growth and find larger office space after their time here. Semi-private offices are beautifully crafted and the perfect space to focus.

The Commissary Kitchen

Do you have a delicious family recipe that needs to be shared with the world? In our fully-stocked commissary kitchen, you can test your food-based startups with an industrial oven, plenty of storage space, and much more. All we ask is you share samples with the rest of us.

Conference Room A

Sometimes you need to host a brainstorming session or a client meeting in a space that breeds creativity and professionalism. Our conference room A can hold 12 people, the huge flat screen TV is perfect for presentations, and the whiteboard wall will hold all of your best ideas.

Conference Room B

For a more private atmosphere, the conference room B is quiet and streamlined. The room sits 8 people, has a smaller flatscreen TV for all of your needs, and brings your team together with softer relaxed lighting.

Classroom A

Catapult is always hosting workshops and programs for its members. But classroom A can also be rented out by any member for training, courses, or whatever else they might need. The classroom seats 75, has projection capabilities, and plenty of whiteboards. Non-members can even rent out classrooms for special events. Click here to connect with us and make a reservation.

Classroom B

Looking to share your wisdom with a small group? Classroom B is perfect for brainstorming session or mini-bootcamp with your team or clients. This classroom seats 15 people and has a large whiteboard.

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