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Alpha Omega Athletics + Smith Advanced Nutrition Enterprise

Company Alpha Omega Athletics + Smith Advanced Nutrition Enterprise

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Expertise Fitness, Creative Marketing, Nutrition

Alpha Omega Athletics is a Fitness/Lifestyle clothing brand that caters to those with the mindset of making progress in their respective journeys of life and rejecting society’s image of “perfection”. We offer clothing that is not only authentic in feel but allows its wearer to identify with a bigger purpose, a progression philosophy that emphasizes a positive mindset and hard work. Embedded in our clothing is the redefinition of what it means to be “fit”. We say that fitness shouldn’t be solely based on your appearance but rather the PROCESS to become better than what you currently are.

I am a 13 year US Air Force veteran who fell in love with the process of health and fitness. I became interested in a way to integrate my passion with the military and after attending NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) NPTI (National Personal Training Institute) school in Orlando FL, I became a military fitness instructor/counselor for Airmen with failing fitness tests. As I got deeper into fitness I learned more and more about the importance of diet and nutrition so that led me to a NASM Nutritionist certification, the creation of Smith Advanced Nutrition Enterprise (SANE) and ultimately, led me to Lakeland to pursue a Registered Dietician degree/certification. In my time as a Fitness/Nutrition specialist, I’ve also found the importance of belonging to a tribe and being able to identify with a symbol of something bigger than myself, hence, Alpha Omega Athletics.