Company a cow named MOO

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Expertise Handcrafted Ice Cream, Mobile Vendor, Local & Organic


Sarah is my wife and we both are fluent in American Sign Language. When we are not in the kitchen making ice cream sandwiches we are spending most of our time in the deaf community discussing spiritual things with them and drawing closer to God together.

A cow named MOO is an artisan ice cream sandwich business. We conceived this idea of handcrafted ice cream and cookies after moving to Lakeland and observing the trend towards craft foods and goods. We decided early on that our ice cream sandwiches would only be as good as the ingredients we used. We strive to source high-quality ingredients, organic and local when possible, and to taste every batch ourselves to ensure we are only serving something exceptional. And yes, Sarah did have a cow named Moo when she was a little girl.

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Sarah Mulcahy